Fast and Reliable: 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose PDF Bear

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There are numerous online converter tools available today. But knowing which one is the best to use is quite a difficult task to do. So, we decided to make things easier for you and choose a PDF converter online to convert your files into a piece of cake. We will give you one of the best online converter tools that have a lot of handy and amazing features to offer.

Now, enter PDF Bear. There are a lot of reasons why you should choose PDF Bear as your go-to converter tool. But in this article, we will only be giving you four tempting reasons on why you should choose PDF Bear in converting all your files into your desired file format. PDF Bear is one of the most cost-effective ways of converting your files since it is free of any charge, and it is extremely easy to use that even beginners wouldn’t have any problems using it.

Wide Array of File Formats to Convert

Whenever you are looking for a PDF converter online, you would always look at what types of file formats they are offering. PDF Bear is not only limited to a small number of file formats. They have a lot to offer, such as PNG, JPG, PDF, Excel, Word, and HTML. On top of that, you cannot only convert your files, but you are also able to merge, split, delete pages, compress, repair, add watermark, protect, and rotate your PDF files.

PDF Bear pretty much has a very straightforward conversion process. All you have to do is choose which file format you want to convert your file into, select your file by using their drag-and-drop feature, or click on the “Select Files” button. It is worth noting that each converted file’s downloadable link can only be accessed for a limited amount of time. This brings us to the other reason.

Secure Connection

The second reason is one of the top reasons why PDF Bear is such a reliable online converter tool. Whenever you upload your files into their website, all uploaded files will be protected by their 256-BIT SSL Encryption. One of their top priorities is your file’s safety and security, as they are well aware that your files potentially contain sensitive information.

They guarantee all of its users that all your files won’t fall into the wrong hands and are well protected in their website. Only you will have the authority to download your converted file. In addition to that, being inactive for an hour, PDF Bear’s system will automatically remove all the files that you have uploaded into their website for security issues.

High-Quality Outcome and Fast Conversion Process

To provide you with the best services, they guarantee that all converted files will be high-quality. On top of all that, the conversion process only takes a few seconds to a maximum of a minute. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time, and it is very convenient whenever you are catching up for a nearing deadline.

Anytime and Anywhere to do Online Converter

With the help of a reliable internet connection, you can convert your files into your desired file format anytime and anywhere you want on any device that you own. Whether you own a laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone, or iPad, it doesn’t matter because PDF Bear supports all types of devices.

PDF Bear is also not limited to one operating system and can be accessed through any operating systems such as macOS, Windows, or Linux machines. Another reason why PDF Bear is the most convenient way of converting your files.

Takeaway Online Converter

We did say that the reasons we will be giving you are tempting, right? We are sure you are already visiting their website and trying out their amazing features and easy conversion process.


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