PDF Bear Guide: How to Use Some of The Tools

PDF Bear Guide

PDF Bear can help you manage your PDF files efficiently. With this software, you can easily convert, repair, and add page numbers to your PDF files. This guide will provide the necessary instructions on how to use the mentioned features. With that, here’s how to use some features of PDF Bear.

PDF Bear Converter

The first tool that we need to tackle is PDF Bear’s PDF converter. This feature works in a couple of ways. When you use this conversion tool, it can convert essential file formats like Excel, PPT, JPG, HTML, and Word. You can also use it vice versa, from the file formats such as JBIG2, PBM, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIFF, BMP, PNG, Word, or Excel to a PDF file.

PDF Bear will not keep any copies of your documents in their server, making every downloaded and uploaded data safe. Every PDF file you create or edit will be instantly removed from the system after 60 minutes. This platform will help you keep your files confidential and private. Follow these simple steps below to know how to use this file converter:

  1. Pick the file and start uploading it to the PDF Bear website from your computer or mobile devices.
  2. The PDF converter will automatically scan your files and convert them to your preferred format.
  3. After the file is converted, you can start sharing it or download it to your computer.
  4. If you want, users can still modify or compress the PDF file if they wish to.

Repair PDF Bear 

The PDF repair tool of PDF Bear will try to repair any of your corrupted and damaged PDFs. The system will try to achieve the process of repairing and recovering your file, but there will always be no guarantee that the file workable again, but PDF Bear will do its best.

The repair PDF feature is also among the popular tools people can use to fix their PDF files. Whether your data is corrupted or damaged, this tool will do its 100% to repair the file to work again. Here’s how to use the repair PDF tool:

  1. Choose a damaged file and upload it.
  2. The repair PDF tool will start reading and uploading your file.
  3. There might be files that can’t be recovered, but PDF Bear won’t make anything worse.
  4. Select “Repair,” and the process will be done soon.

Number Pages

Numbering the pages of your files should be comfortable and straightforward. The process is quite simple, and placing page numbers can help anyone make their documents look more presentable and professional. By using the number pages feature, users can easily place page numbers to their PDF files through the web in a few clicks. With that, here’s how you can use it:

  1. Please select the file that you wish to place numbers on its pages.
  2. The system will start uploading your file.
  3. Choose the area where you want to put the page numbers.
  4. Hit the “Number Pages” button and start downloading the file.


PDF Bear is a helpful tool that anyone can use anytime, anywhere, for free. Aside from the listed features, you can still use PDF Bear to compress, merge, protect, unlock, or even split your PDF file. Many people also recommend this software because it’s safe and secure to use.


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