Fortnite X Star Wars: What Is In The Trailer?

Fortnite X Star Wars

Crossovers have become very popular across all visual mediums of entertainment in the 2010s. From movies to TV series to gaming – crossovers are very popular among the crowd. When the crowd is happy, it means good business. You will find popular TV shows doing crossover episodes a lot of times, there are crossovers in movies all the time and the biggest example of that is the recent “Avengers” movie. You will always find characters from other popular movies and movies appearing in other shows.

But what is a crossover? A crossover is something that excites the fans and the production companies alike. The movies, shows, anime, etc that have a huge ban base often do a merging with each other. When a crossover happens, fans of both the shows tend to watch it and shower it with love. If fans are appeased, it generally means huge success for the production companies. Fans like the excitement of seeing their favorite characters from different shows come together and interact, or go on a journey together. That is why crossovers have been so successful among the viewers.

What is new in this is that the gaming world has joined in on the fun. They have joined hands with music artists, and movies before that tend to bring together the fan base of two different platforms together. Anyone who is a gamer and an avid movie goer will love such a crossover. Now, the latest trending crossover is the Fortnite X Star Wars crossover.

What’s New?

Fortnite X Star Wars

Fortnite has joined hands with the Star Wars franchise and launched a crossover game. Fortnite is a popular multiplayer online game by Epic Games and we have all grown up with Star Wars movies. It was released in 2017 and it has been a huge success among gamers ever since then. Now that it has become a part of the Star Wars movie franchise, it will surely be exciting for fans to play the game.

For the recent star war movie “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”, Fortnite has brought a brand new gameplay experience for their fans. The trailer has been released on 14 Dec 2019 and has already garnered 4 Million views and that goes to show how successful a crossover can be. The trailer can be found in the official channel of Fortnite and it is 0:33 seconds long.

The Fortnite X Star Wars trailer wastes no time by beginning with a full shot of characters looking up at the sky, watching the numerous large enemy aircraft. In the next scene, you can see various aircraft and spaceships have covered the sky and they are swooping in on the players from every direction. And then scene jumps to a fleet of aircraft fighting and firing at each other – ll of them look fancy, futuristic and right out of science fiction – just what you would expect in Star Wars movies. You see this spectacular aircraft that’s fleeing from the fleet behind it and then gets hit by the firing. The craft explodes and catches and crashes down the green valley next to a beautiful clear blue river.

Fortnite X Star Wars

After the first 10 seconds of the video, you get the first glimpse of the characters on the trailer. What the Fortnight X Star Wars crossover brought in this trailer is that you can play with the characters you will see in the latest star war movie. You see Rey, Finn and other characters from the movie charging towards their enemy in that green valley and the video show that the Fortnite X Star Wars crossover has brought for you what every star war fan loves – the famous Lightsabers.

And in the same scene, you discover the enemy also – it is the Stormtroopers and Darth Vader himself. You see the characters fight the robot army with Lightsabers and guns. And at the 22-second mark, you finally see the famous Star Wars villain Darth Vader with his red Lightsaber. The trailer ends with a close up of Darth Vader as he holds up his Lightsaber to fight.

What To Expect

Fortnite X Star Wars

From the Fortnite X Star Wars trailer, it seems that there will be a lot of exciting new things to explore. The video description tells that the TIE Fighters have crashed into the island and there is an opportunity for you to explore the crashed fighters. it seems like the game will begin with the crash and explosion of the Fighter aircraft just as the trailer began with the same. Afterward, you will get to explore the fighters.

You can expect to see a whole new set of enemies in this game. The Fortnite X Star Wars crossover has introduced the Stormtroopers in the game. From the trailer, it seems that the game should be exciting as the new enemies come with their own traits and arms. Most importantly, you can fight Darth Vader in this game!

The trailer also seems to hint towards a whole new set of arms – futuristic, upgraded guns and Lightsaber that you can use to fight the enemies. Expect to fight the robot army to be armed with the same kind of upgraded futuristic arms.

Fortnite X Star Wars Gameplay Trailer

Otherwise, the Fortnite X Star Wars gameplay trailer looks like you will play with quite good graphics. The beginning of the trailer shows promising shots of aircraft which look finely detailed and the explosions, which seem good enough in terms of graphics. You will get skins of the characters you will see in the movie and in terms of graphics they seem fine too. What is good about this trailer is that the graphics of the arms and the Lightsaber looks magnificent.

The Fortnite X Star Wars trailer video description also hints at a large map. Therefore you can expect to fight you, enemy, for a long time and there will likely be a lot of places to hide also as you explore the map. There might be a lot of Star Wars elements hidden in the map that you are not seeing in the trailer.


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