How To Create Content Marketing Strategy Using Reddit?


Marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to promote their businesses. Earlier, their job was easy as there were only limited options available for marketing. But with the internet revolution, they have discovered a whole new world of marketing. This world of digital marketing has given them the ability to reach a wide range of audiences. The most popular method of digital marketing is content marketing. Marketers use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, etc. to indirectly tell people about their businesses and direct them towards their websites. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because it requires a lot of strategies and planning.

The content marketing strategies cover a lot of aspects like creating content, optimizing it for the SERPs, publishing it on the right platform, and finally promoting it. Each of these aspects plays a vital role in promoting the business. Let’s have a look at each one of them:

  • Creating Content:
    This seems like the most straightforward task, but it is not. Content creators have to form the content in the way that it would please their target audience. They have to be very particular about the content, because then only it will be of any use.
  • Content Optimization For SERPs:
    Search Engine Result Pages is the way of reaching the maximum audience. And their complex algorithms make it tough for marketers to show their links on the top. That is why the content creators have to perform SEO strategies for their content.
  • Publishing On The Righ Platform:
    There are thousands of platforms to publish a piece of content. Choosing the right and reliable platform helps marketers in gaining the most profit from their content.
  • Promoting The Content:
    This can be the most typical step because it requires a lot of effort for promoting the content in the correct way. Otherwise, the content can backfire and ruin the whole strategy. The next section explains how a business can use Reddit for promoting its content.

Using Reddit For Content Promotion


Marketers utilize social media for promoting their content. The most used social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Reddit is often left out of their strategies, despite being 16th most visited website globally. This number means that people visit Reddit more than they visit LinkedIn or Twitter. Then why is it left behind? The main reason for this is that Redditors are very protective of their forums and interests, which makes it quite tough for marketers to benefit from the website.

But if marketers make efforts correctly, they can quickly increase their content’s organic traffic through Reddit. But before getting into the right methods, they should know more about how exactly Reddit works.

What Is Reddit?

Reddit is a website where people have made their communities known as Subreddits. On these subreddits, they share various links, news, views, and everything that might be of interest to the people of that particular community. A specific community deals with only one topic, so it is not like other social media groups where random material is shared. People who are linked to the community need to focus on that topic only while sharing any link or content. And that is the reason why it is tough for marketers to promote their content on Reddit.

But the fear of going wrong should not stop them from trying because if they go right, they will become popular in no time.

How To Use Reddit For Promotion


Here are some tips that marketers can follow to gain more traffic toward their content using Reddit.

  • Targetting the correct audience: As mentioned earlier, Reddit is not like other social media platforms where anyone can share any type of content anywhere. It is more particular about the content which gets shared on subreddits. So the first thing marketers need to take care of is that they are targetting the correct audience. Posting their content’s link on irrelevant subreddits can get them blocked.
  • Be active: Generally, every social media platform requires rapid publishing of content. Otherwise, people do not get attracted to a particular handle. But unlike other platforms, Reddit bans the promotional and sales accounts. And because of that, marketers need to be extra careful initially. They should see what kind of links get the most attention in their relevant subreddits and then start by posting those kinds of links. Then slowly, they can move towards promoting their websites, but that too very carefully.
  • Give attention to details: What most people do is that they mention their company’s name everywhere. Like in their account’s username or in the links that they provide. That can easily catch Redditors’ downvotes, and they can get banned from the website. Even if they have been on the website for a bit of time, they should avoid using their company’s name everywhere.
  • Participation: This is a part of being active on the site. They need to participate in various discussions and solve queries of people politely. Solving questions in a polite manner helps them in gaining the trust of Redditors. Along with being polite, they should also provide people with quality answers. If their answer would be of any use of the people, only then it would gain popularity. Their answers should not hurt anyone’s sentiments because once people start hating them, there will be no way they can benefit from Reddit.
  • Ask for help: Marketers can ask their friends or the employees of their company who use Reddit, for some help. They can request these Redditors to post the content on their accounts, or they can ask them to upvote their posts to gain more popularity.


With all these points, marketers can use Reddit for their content promotion. This might seem like a long process, but once done in the right way, ling-term results are guaranteed. Another thing they should remember is to optimize their answers and posts so that people will be able to read them quickly and clearly. They can also use various tools that can help them in tracking their Reddit activities. So they should get started right away and get the most benefit from the website.


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