John Deere 5310 Tractor: Equipped with Trust and Technology

John Deere 5310
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John Deere 5310 is the widely embraced utility tractor model produced by John Deere Tractor. This is a 2WD – 55 HP tractor model with numerous inventive highlights which guarantee better yield creation. TractorGuru gives you bona fide and itemized data pertinent to the tractor value, specification, and some more. How about we take a gander at them. John Deere 5310 tractor is the Most Popular Tractor. This John Deere 55HP tractor model is generally reasonable for numerous cultivating tasks as it is loaded with a powerful 2900 CC motor. The model 5310 tractor is an all-rounder tractor with many progressed security highlights, superb mileage, and reasonable cost in India. The brand utilizes top-notch crude material to fabricate its tractor model, making them exceptionally vigorous, sturdy, and require significantly less upkeep. 

Key Specification of John Deere tractor

  • This 5310 tractor model accompanies a powerful 3-chamber motor, extraordinarily intended to convey incredible mileage and better eco-friendliness. The motor can produce 2400 motor-approved RPM. 
  • This John Deere 55HP offers collar shift transmission with a wet grip that guarantees better execution on the field. 
  • The tractor is fitted with present-day power controlling, making the tractor always responsive and guaranteeing open to taking care of. 
  • For a successful hold on the field, this 5310 accompanies industry-standard oil-submerged brakes. 
  • John Deere 5310 is the most enjoyed tractor in India from the worldwide pioneer John Deere. 
  • This 5310 is a second-era tractor furnished with cutting-edge highlights like power controlling, self-changing, and self-adjusting oil-drenched plate brakes. 
  • This 5310 is a 55 HP tractor with three chambers, 2900 cc motor at an appraised RPM of 2400. 
  • 5310 type tractor is furnished with a radiator with a coolant-cooled cooling framework and a coolant repository tank. 
  • The type 5310 is a consummately mechanically progressed, powerful branded motor, and more different highlights make it the favored tractor on the lookout. 
  • The 5310 of John Deere conveys outstanding execution, at no other time experienced highlights, adaptability, and high dependability in any activity, making John Deere 5310 ideal wherever India. 
  • Unique highlights of this 5310 type likewise incorporate a solitary piece hood with the gas swagger instrument and motor with force reinforcement up to 40%. 
  • John Deere 5310 fitted with Collar shift Transmission with nine forward gears in addition to 3 opposite gears. 
  • The John Deere accompanies Dry Type, Dual component air channel, which gives an ideal air filtration to the tractor, improving motor execution and life with a decrease in motor support. 
  • This 5310 trcator is out there in 2WD or 4WD choices. The this 5310 is reasonable for very 30 applications prompting the requesting utilization of TMCH, Loader, and Dozer, and so forth 

Know the price of John Deere 5310 in India 

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The 55HP of John Deere tractor cost is truly sensible, making it entirely reasonable to pretty much every Indian rancher. The on-street cost of a John Deere 5310 in India is ₹ 7.85 to ₹ 8.59 comprises different variables like ex-display area value, RTO enrollment sum, street charge sum, and protection sum. Those segments amount to the on-street cost of the type 5310. Likewise, these parts differ from one state to another. Cost likewise changes, relying on the variation of the John Deere 5310 tractor

  • Furthermore, the tractor model 5310 is accessible with power reverser transmission, which makes it extremely simple to perform rehashed forward and turn around movement applications like loaders. 
  • Tiltable directing, grand seat, tool kit with bottle holder, and a top tier show unit increment the administrator solace inside the John Deere 5310. 
  • John Deere 5310 can be adorned with balance loads, shelter with holder, Drawbar, Tow Hook, and cart hitch from the processing plant itself. 
  • Effective slowing down is furnished in model 5310 with Power brakes and park pawl, which takes out hand brakes. 
  • Model 5310 has six spline type PTO with a speed of 540 at a power yield of 41 HP. 
  • Model 5310 68 liter’s greater gas tank gives independence from continued refueling of the tractor for substantial and longer activities. 
  • The type 5310 fitted with 6.5 X 20 front tires and 16.9 X 28 or 13.6 X 28 back tires alternatives. 
  • Model 5310 tractor weighs 2110 kg and has a wheelbase of 2050 mm, for example, 2.05 meters. 

John Deere 5310 Highlights 

Aside from the great specifications, John Deere 5310 additionally accompanies numerous other advantageous highlights for better return creation. The beneath referenced highlights make this tractor extremely gainful and guarantee the high productivity of your cultivating business. Here they are: 

  • The enormous 68 liters gas tank assists the tractor with running for an all-inclusive period on the field. 
  • John Deere 5310 has magnificent PTO power, which is sufficient for powering nearly all ranch executes. 
  • The tractor accompanies a high-level Coolant cooled with a flood repository framework that keeps the tractor’s motor from overheating. Notwithstanding, the tractor is additionally furnished with oil shower-type air channels. 
  • Along with this, the John Deere 55HP tractor can raise more than 2000 Kg with its substantial water power. 

Overall Review of the John Deere

The John Deere 5310 is a 55 horsepower tractor with extraordinary effectiveness, strength, and steadfastness. Its solid motor and bleeding edge advancements make it ideal for an assortment of uses in an assortment of soil conditions. The model 5310 tractors are the most famous tractor in India, as indicated by the world chief John Deere. The 5310 modelis a second-age tractor with trend-setting innovations; for example, power directing and oil-submerged circle slows down that change and even out themselves. This tractor model is a 55 horsepower tractor with a three-chamber, 2900 cc motor turning at 2400 RPM. Additionally included is a cooler with a coolant-cooled cooling system and a coolant supply tank on the 5310. 

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Technology Used in tractor model 5310 

The John Deere 5310 is an innovatively progressed tractor with a powerful John Deere motor and an assortment of different highlights that make it the most mainstream tractor available. In any assistance, the John Deere tractor offers amazing execution, at no other time seen highlights, adaptability, and high productivity, making it appropriate for use all through India. A solitary piece hood with the gas swagger instrument and a motor with force reinforcement up to 40% are both selective highlights of the type 5310 Deere tractor. 

The model 5310 tractor is furnished with a Collar Shift Transmission with nine forward and three opposite gears. The type 5310 tractor is furnished with a Dry Type, Dual-Element Air Filter that gives ideal air filtration to the tractor, upgrading motor effectiveness and life. The 5310 model is accessible in two drive modes: 2WD and 4WD. 

What is the best Application of type 5310 tractor? 

The John Deere 5310 is appropriate for a broad scope of uses, including the requesting TMCH, Loader, and Dozer applications. A 55-horsepower motor and a dry kind or double segment air channel come standard on the John Deere 5310 tractor. It has three chambers and a flooded supply, just as a coordinated Coolant cooling framework. The type 5310 has a 55-horsepower motor with a 2400 motor evaluated RPM, making it an adaptable and trustworthy tractor. 

The cost of a 5310 tractor is controlled by the ranchers’ moderateness, which is why the cost of this tractor model in India is sensible for those searching for a decent tractor inside their financial plan. It has a powerful 3067 CC motor that will furnish you with an unrivaled driving encounter. This tractor has a ton of durability; however, it likewise has three pinion wheels, which implies a ton of solidarity and a ton of sturdiness.


We have explained all the details, specifications, highlights, features, and everything essential to know. After getting all this information, you must be sure that this John Deere 5310 tractor is the best tractor for some specific applications. Being a tractor expert, we strongly suggest you purchase the 5310 model of John Deere. The most advanced technology and years of trust have made this tractor what it is today. Without a second thought, you can go for it. We hope this post helped you to clarify your mind and filled you up with the needed information.

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