How Construction Companies Use GPS Tracking Tech to Boost Productivity

Construction Companies Use GPS Tracking

There have been numerous technological advancements in the construction industry over the past few years. The use of the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking is one of them. Many people think this technology is only used to determine the location of fleet vehicles in the field. But nowadays, more construction companies use GPS tracking tech.

Construction vehicles and equipment are usually quite expensive and cost companies thousands of dollars to replace. So, knowing their location at all times is crucial.

To track the equipment, you need to install GPS tracking devices in them. The trackers have receivers that get signals from satellites in space, enabling them to relay an accurate position of an object. Thus, you can monitor equipment on the construction site remotely.

Uses of GPS Tracking in the Construction Industry

  • Geofencing the Equipment and Alarms for Theft Prevention

The loss of tools, vehicles and machines is a common issue at construction sites. The construction company ends up spending more money getting replacements. If the site is in a rural area, getting replacements will cause delays, extending the completion period.

Geofencing ensures that a particular piece of equipment is at the designated location. You can accomplish this by creating a geofence (a virtual boundary representing a physical location). You will get an alert if a piece of equipment leaves a geofence zone.

Even when there is a theft, you will still get real-time updates on the location of your equipment. The authorities will use this data to recover your equipment. Cellutrak provides a GPS Tracking System for Kubota Tractors and Equipment

  • Ensuring Your Rental Equipment Stays within the Area Agreed Upon in the Rental Contract

Using rental tools and equipment is usually cost-effective for construction companies. Theft or loss of the equipment means the construction company has to purchase new equipment. You can avoid this by using GPS tracking services. With the technology, you will be able to track and ensure that equipment stays within the construction site.

  • Tracking Your Equipment’s Condition through GPS Telematics Reporting (on-board diagnostic system)

If you want to increase productivity at the construction site, your vehicles need to be in excellent condition. A vehicle or equipment with defects can set you back a lot of money in repairs. Moreover, it will cause delays since it will be less efficient.

The on-board diagnostics (OBD) system comprises sensors, indicators, and an electronic control unit. These features enable it to provide vital data about the vehicle’s condition.

OBD allows you to monitor your equipment’s performance. Some reports you will receive include movements of the vehicle, status of the engine, and mileage.

  • Monitor Vehicles for Improved Employee Safety and Productivity

With a GPS tracking solution, you can effortlessly monitor your vehicles at the construction site. This ensures maximum productivity and the safety of employees. You can monitor the following:

  1. Fuel consumption – You can observe the amount of fuel used by a vehicle for, let’s say, 4 hours. If the fuel usage for that period exceeds the expected amount, the driver has to explain. In addition, GPS helps you find the shortest routes especially for drivers who have to make deliveries every day. This way, you will keep fuel consumption low.
  2. Idling times – Idling times increase fuel usages. So, tracking idling times enables you to identify drivers who leave the engine running when not working.
  3. Vehicle speed – Accidents at the construction site usually lead to serious injuries or even death. Therefore, monitoring cases of speeding, hard braking, and acceleration will help you keep your employees, vehicles, and equipment safe.

Today, construction companies have to use cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of their competitors. Using GPS for construction equipment tracking will help you satisfy your clients, save time, and reduce expenses.


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