Marques Brownlee Opines On Overrated Gadgets And Questions Asked by Fans

overrated gadgets

YouTube gadget reviews are one of the most prominent channels that people often rely on. There were different ways if the research that purchasers often used to research on gadgets before buying them, but you tuber reviews have made its way to the top when it comes to attaining a deeper understanding of gadgets and equipment. There are nearly a million Youtubers who provide valuable opinions and ideologies on gadgets and tech. But it is imperative that you choose a voice that speaks pragmatic and definitely sense. One such blazing example is Marques Brownlee. He has presented quite some number of videos for quite some time now, but this video is basically on overrated gadgets and technologies that the tech enthusiasts have been quite an enthusiast about.

overrated gadgets

Marques Keith Brownlee is as well recognized in the name of MKBHD. He is a very favored and known personality in America. He holds more than a fair reputation when it comes to YouTube videos and they are mainly focused on technology and gadgets. The name of his channel is the concatenation of HD and MKB and you might have come across it if you are a tech fan. Today, he possesses more than 1.6 billion views of the video and ten million subscribers.

He is definitely one of the most reliable sources to find out about trending technologies, gadget features, newly emerging devices and more. But his recent video is on overrated gadgets where he opines on quite a few and answers some of the interesting questions thrown at him by his fans. So grab a coffee and take a look!

Are you more hyped about flexible phones or televisions?

overrated gadgets

Well, the answer to this at one goes for Marques Brownlee was flexible phones. He finds it more hyped as to the world it’s more convenient than that of television. The sales percentage for the phone is much higher than that of television lately. It is true that both are not to be compared; however, according to the tech expert flexible phones can anytime be considered as overrated gadgets.

But yes then again Brownlee mentioned the Curve TV’s for sure that are justifiably overrated. They are no more trending but there was a time when it was quiet in the limelight. In a certain year, there was also literally a boost in the percentage of its sales.

The primary reason was that the curved televisions or screens possess comparatively natural shape that could be taken advantage of when it comes to peripheral vision or round eyes. This television is known for providing more of an immersive and high-end experience. It also covered a substantial percentage of the field view that offered much more of a wider view.

How is the pro display XDR made you want to start realizing HDR content on a regular basis?

overrated gadgets

When it comes to justifiably overrated gadgets, HDR was mentioned by Brownlee. The tech expert specified that HDR is definitely great for the big screen, quality and professional uses. It is preferred by many today and it is astonishing how people are ready to invest hefty on HDR. It provides nearly one billion colors when compared to sixteen million. HDR is a perfect few specific uses such as if you are a professional filmmaker or a competitive gamer.

An HDR makes your task much easy adding a competitive edge to your efforts in this case. However, he adds in the end that not everything is recommended in HDR as it would not be useful for all sorts of purposes.  There are many apt options for non-HDR as well that can come into good use.

What goals are you targeting next?

The expert mentioned that currently, he is really glad about putting up his video bout overrated gadgets. Focusing on the next step rather than brooding on too long a future plan. The Youtuber won the heart of his fan even more with his upright answer about living in the present and working for the time. He also seemed pretty open and determined about his closely upcoming plans. Resetting his studio; performing some camera shifting, setting podcasts in different sets in different rooms along with soundproofing setups, setting higher fresh rates screens, getting better and bigger batteries and more.

What applications do you open at your say-start?

overrated gadgets

This was one of the fun questions asked to Marques Keith Brownlee by one of his fans. Some of the applications that he mentioned that he opens in the initial part of his day included the alarm clock, followed by Twitter, Instagram, Gmail. He also definitely added YouTube in the end that has to be in his favorite list!

Can you show how you pack equipment for events?

Getting the I-mac pro on the plane was the ultimate motive of this specific question. Brownlee preferred to get this done practically to present something constructive to audiences. He displayed how everything can be organized in the equipment storing case and which one should fix in which one.

Why you use using end screen videos for content promotion?

overrated gadgets

This was yet again another question asked from another fan and the answer was pretty straight and simple from Marques Brownlee. He embraced the idea pretty well and said that he would itself try it for this video for overrated gadgets. He also mentioned that it was indeed a great idea to promote his content that he would love to try.

As said and done, Brownlee loved answering the questions of his fan and made the video even more interesting with some of his best information about gestures as well as practical examples. The best example was packing the techs and getting the I-mac on the plane. This video had plenty of likes and subscribers. Viewers already are aware that the reviews and opinions provided are authentic that they can actually use. You can stay tuned to find out more about gadgets and techs that are going high on the go and trend nowadays and reach the best decision if you are about to invest in one.


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