RARBG Proxy and Mirror Sites Ultimate Guide

Mirror Sites Ultimate Guide

Most people today barely sit on their couch to watch their favorite movies and series in front of their television because they have it on their smartphones. Aside from various streaming applications, downloading the latest shows through torrenting has become the typical procedure. There are different sites to use, and one of the most popular is RARBG.

Although not all, there are streaming sites that require a proxy server. It works as a passage between the internet and its users. It’s a mediator worker separating clients from the sites they browse. A proxy server gives different levels of security, protection, and usefulness varying upon your needs, company policy, and needs. 

Nowadays, the internet has been a great help when it comes to entertainment and accessibility to websites and tools like RARBG. In this article, we are going to provide basic information and a quick guide of it.

A Short Background

RARBG started its journey from basic roots before building up its name as one of the most utilized torrent sites. It was established in 2008 by a few numbers of torrent fans. It began as a torrent tracker situated in Bulgaria.


RARBG was shut for one week in December 2008 just after it was introduced due to a legal case by BREIN (an organization from the Dutch film and recording industry). However, it resumed and opened up not long after.


Gradually, rarbg has exceeded its torrenting ranks throughout the years. It has gotten famous for people who are searching for top-notch torrent content. This is a similar reason behind why governments worldwide are blocking it like the following:


  • United Arab Emirates
  • Ireland
  • Norway
  • Bulgaria
  • India
  • Kazakhstan
  • Australia
  • Finland
  • Belgium
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Portugal
  • China
  • Pakistan

RARBG Proxy And Mirror Site

RARBG Proxies and any mirror sites are the fastest tools if you ever have to get to a blocked domain. These proxy sites serve as middle person workers that mediate requests among users and the internet. They let you gain access to specific sites without them tracking you or your location.


In contrast, mirror sites are meant to substitute the original site. They are duplicates with an alternate domain name and distinct server. What’s best is that there is now an available list of RARBG proxy and confirmed mirror sites.

Unblocking RARBG Torrent Site

Apart from mirror sites and proxies, there are different approaches to unblock the RARBG torrent site. You may set up a virtual private system or VPN. A VPN works by bobbing your IP address with a few other substitute IP addresses in its system tunnel. This procedure makes it difficult for anybody to track your online affairs.

Another alternative to try is the “The Onion Router” or the Tor browser. The Tor program was initially created by the US Navy to secure online US intelligence transmission. Presently, it coordinates Internet traffic through an overlay system of around seven thousand relays. This hides the location and usage of a user.

Features And Design

Despite the blockages and limitations, RARBG still manages to exist today due to its dedicated supporters and clients. The website design, along with its working features, explains this strong support. A user-friendly with a smooth and straightforward interface welcomes its users as soon as they go to the landing page.


Recently, various torrenting sites have been readily available all over the internet. All of them undoubtedly offer something suitable for their users, but which ones to choose and utilize will be up to you. Make sure to use the ones that provide convenience and security during the entire experience.


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