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Technology and the Internet have become essential to human beings. With that, it plays a huge part in our daily life. We use technology almost everything these days– from cooking, tending the house, to going to work, school, or anywhere in the world. 

One of the best things technology and the Internet has given humans is stream movies and shows. Before in early times, where technology is not yet advanced, people only get a chance to watch films in the cinemas. Now, you can stream to film online or on streaming platforms. 

However, if you don’t want to pay subscription fees in streaming apps, there are websites where you can watch movies for free in high-quality. Torrenting is also a thing where you can download shows and videos online. One of the most popular torrent sites is RARBG, and in this article, you will know the best RARBG sites to use. 

RARBG facts and background

While not many people know about RARBG, let’s start by knowing what it is. Rarbg mirror sites are where people get links to movies, shows, and videos that they want to watch and download. The website was discovered in 2008 by a small group of torrent fans and users. 

According to history and torrent fans, the site was founded in Bulgaria. In December 2008, the site was shut down for a week just days after it was officially launched. The shutdown was because of legal reasons with a Dutch association named BREIN. However, the site went back to business shortly after the issue was solved. 

When it comes to torrent sites ranking, RARBG went to the charts like a buzzer-beater. Years after the site was launched, many users, old and new, visits the website more often than other torrent sites. With that, RARBG became very popular with many people across the world.

One of the reasons why RARBG became famous in a short period is because of its high-quality content. There are torrent sites with the same movie or show that is downloadable, but all of it is of low quality. However, RARBG has the best quality videos and ranks fifth on TorrentFreak’s most famous sites. 

Since the site has gained more and more attention to the public, government authorities from different countries have heard about it as well. In 2014, Saudi Arabia blocked the site from its country’s browsers. In the same year, the United Kingdom acted as well. By the end of 2019, the site is blocked in 20 countries. 

Features and web design

Although the site is blocked in some countries, it is still striving and remains the best torrent site. The site gained thousands and thousands of followers and users from all over the world. 

RARBG is an excellent torrent site because it has a unique and user-friendly web interface. When you go to its homepage, you will be welcomed by an arranged and organized list of movies, videos, and show choices. 

The Homepage

On the top left side of the website, you will see a log-in section. If you have an account for RARBG, you can log in from there. However, if you don’t have an account yet, you can register on the same section. 

The entire web page will be opened by clicking on one of the classification linkages. Supported torrents identified by their film banners are shown up at the right. Below is an extensive search option from the web. 

The vast column list of torrents follows closely. Such files may be sorted by upload time, folder size, number of sharers and leechers, and the user’s filename. Users that click on a torrent folder would also take you to the spotlight of RARBG. The website was praised for a comprehensive explanation of the material of each filename.


The list mentioned above of RARBG proxy and mirror sites is for reference reasons only. This website and post will, in no manner, allow proprietary material in any kind, for example, by means in networks.


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