Things You Need To Know About The Secret Agent Banana In Fortnite


Epic Games have never failed to please their players with the types of games that they develop. Along with games, they also take care of the developer artists with its Unreal game engines. One of the most popular games that Epic has ever bought into the market is Fortnite. With three gameplay modes, Fortnite is supported on almost all the gaming platforms. Whether you own a gaming console or you play on computers, or you only have a mobile phone for your gaming experience, you can enjoy playing Fortnite wherever you want. What is best about Fortnite is its exciting challenges and rewards that Epic Game brings for the players. The latest challenge that people are solving with keen interest is the secret agent banana badge, which turns the player into a secret peeled banana agent.

Before moving on to the details about this secret agent banana challenge, let’s first explore all three gameplay modes of Fortnite.


Epic Games developed Fortnite, and its publishers include Warner Bros., Interactive Entertainment, and Epic Games itself. The game was released in 2017. After that, it managed to gain so much popularity in very little time, which most games fail to have even after years of running. Fortnite has been nominated for several awards, and it has won most of them. It includes three gameplay modes,

Fortnite Creative

Let’s start with the most exciting gameplay mode of Fortnite. Unlike other modes, this one is a sandbox game that allows you to spawn everything you find within the assigned island. You can easily create different games in this play mode, like races, battles, and platforming challenges. So you do not have to be stuck with the pre-defined rules, and you can enjoy what you like to play.

Fortnite Battle Royale

The most played gameplay of Fortnite is Battle Royale. In this, the player competes with another player to gather as many in-game items as possible. Battle Royale allows you to play alone or in squads of up to four people. The game starts with your game character being in a Battle Bus that crosses your selected map, and then it airdrops the character on a location. At that point, the figure is entirely weaponless, so you need to collect everything that they need from the island. It includes weapons, vehicles, resources, and items.

While collecting these items, you also need to compete with other players who try to kill you and your squad. Whichever player or team manages to kill everyone else, wins the round. If you have a vast gaming squad with whom you like to plan game tournaments, then this is the best play mode for you because it allows up to 100 players at once.

Fortnite: Save The World

Last but not least, Save the World is a gameplay mode that allows you to compete against the cooperative game environment. The game theory is that a storm destroys the whole world, and you need to achieve a goal while dealing with the husks that cross your way. You got three more players to accompany you on various missions on which you have to save the people who somehow managed to survive the storm.

If you love playing games alone in solitude, then this is the best play mode for you.

The Secret Agent Banana

It is not like the previous conventional challenges of Fortnite. That is why most of the players are not even calling it a challenge. They are considering it as a fun event that lets them collect a secret agent banana badge emoticon. And if you are a regular Fortnite player, you will be thinking the same as them.

The famous banana skin of Fortnite was released in the 47th level of season 8 Battle Pass. Since then, players have been mixing it up with various emotes of the map. Keeping in mind the popularity of the cosmetic, Fortnite developers have bought up a puzzle that players can solve to catch the new secret agent banana badge emote.

However, developers have made sure to hide the emote well so that it can be kept away from naive players. If you are one of those players who got lost in the journey of solving the puzzle for the peeled banana badge, you need not worry anymore. The guide provided will help you get to the emote soon.

Get The Secret Agent Banana Badge

You might know that there are hideouts of each secret agent present in the game. To collect the badge, you have to explore those hideouts. But it is not that easy to get to the emote with simple tours. You need to find the banana peels in each one of the shelters. To find the skins, you need to follow this:

  • Brutus: Once you get to Brutus’s hideout, you will find several conduit cranks there. You need to arrange these cranks in a particular order, after which the banana peel will appear.
  • TNTina: After Brutus, you get to TNTina’s hideout. There, you will have to click the background control panel. It will make noise and heat, and then it will open the fridge in there. And BAM! Your work here is done.
  • Meowscles: At Meowscles’s hideout background, you will find a toy on the cat tree. You have to push the toy by clicking several times on it. After the figure is dropped, you will receive the banana peel.
  • Skye: After you reach there, you will have to solve the board game that would be present on the floor. To get to the next step, you only have to click once.
  • Midas: You will have to listen to Midas’s gramophone to receive the final piece of the puzzle. To play the instrument, you have to click several times on it.

After completing all these hideout challenges, you will receive the secret agent banana badge emoticon. You can throw it in the air and flaunt it in front of other players.


It would not be easy for you to find the secret agent banana badge in the game as it is well hidden. To ensure you do not get stuck at any point, you can keep in mind the provided guide and enjoy the challenge.


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