Top Reasons Why Playing Minecraft Can Be as Significant as Reading Story Books


As a PC gamer of all time, there is no such reason why your computer shouldn’t have Minecraft game installed (even if you’re not a kid anymore)! After all, who wouldn’t love to have a virtual encounter with the open world and build blocks one by one? And who would not love the experience of building the world with resources via a survival mode? And then there’s the multiplayer mode, where the game allows you to play with your friends too!

No doubt, studies so far speak the glorious journey of Minecraft– how this humble sandbox game became best PC selling game of all time! You already know by now how intriguing the experience becomes when you come home after your college and tuition only to modify it with mods and create newer gaming items, mechanics, textures, and more! To have a glimpse of the game’s history, keep reading on.

An Introduction to How Minecraft came into the Being

The story begins in 2009 when a group of people had some brilliant ideas! One happened to be Zach Barth (now the founder of Zachtronics) and another was Markus Persson (the previous dev sandbox MMO Wurm). The game saw the light of the day with a first-person approach. As it wasn’t satisfactory from the part of devs, it received its first alpha version! No sooner than later the game got positive acclaim and players went gaga over the fascinating additional features.

The development moved quickly towards its paid version – Minecraft’s paid alpha version. Not even a month passed, and the game received 20,000 registered players with 1,000 copies getting sold immediately. The 2009 witnessed the testing of survival (Creeper-toting) mode. And ever since then, the snowball continued to keep rolling downhill with success!

Reasons why playing this game is significant

So, are you ready to get a fair deal of information about Minecraft – how it benefits people, how devs have incorporated versatile ways of making it a perfect addition to your playtime? This is our instructional guide where we are going to elaborate the significance of playing the game for recent generation folks! 

  • Easily Accessible and Kills Boredom

Regardless of whether you’re a teenager, college goer, ayone in their 20s or you have a small kid playing it, Minecraft is undoubtedly once such game that can simply be a killer of boredom! Because it doesn’t allow complicated ways of playing, it, in a way, offers freedom to choose how you wish to play! And that’s probably the best thing that you can have out of a PC game, isn’t it? 

What’s more, while the game is by default in first person perspective, you can always change it to third person, thereby making your gaming-experience more enthralling!

  • Inspiring Confidence

Unlike other video games, Minecraft has a strict set of rules. It doesn’t feature build-in structured quests because it’s an open world game. Which is exactly why, youngsters has the ability to roam around the world to explore more than working on urgent sets of tasks! Plus, collecting resources is easy by digging up the dirt! The collected resources can be used to create tools such as trains, houses, circuits, and more.

As far as studies go, sources claim that playing this game can even help individuals overcome the fear of failure in their real life.

  • The Importance of Teamwork and Mutualism

No dissing the nuclear families, but team work is something that you learn from joint families. But, long gone are the days when the concept of joint families was an in-thing. Now that children live and learn in nuclear families, mutualism is something that they fail to understand. As a 21st century child, they should always learn about the importance of teamwork and how it works out.

For solo players spending hours in Minecraft, it would be beneficial to start setting up personal servers for other family members to join in. This would help kids overcoming obstacles and building social skills, at least that’s what the psychologists say!

  • Enhancing Creativity 

Seems, Developers Mojang and Designer Jens Bergensten & Markus Persson have solely designed this game for individuals to offer unprecedented opportunities for enhancing creativity! While some can build the luxury houses, others can keep calm and explore those extensive underground cave systems! A kid can also reveal their architectural genius by designing astonishing block structures!

  • Learning What Resource Management Is

Once you become engrossed in Minecraft thoroughly, you can start calculating the resources’ costs. For instance, wood is acquired by your hand, but it happens to be faster when you make the use of an axe. Nevertheless, these tools eventually will wear out that would necessitate more resources. 

  • Age-Appropriate Gameplay

As discussed above, Minecraft is one such game which can be explored by individuals irrespective of how old they are! A grown up can enjoy the game involving the use of weapons against the enemies! However, as a parent, you can simply set the game to the peaceful mode where children cannot encounter the monsters! This is actually a great thing about the game.

  • Engaging Communities with Customization Options

Another significant thing about playing Minecraft is that it that players can constantly share customer-build modifications, impressive artwork, quest maps, as well as wiki entries. It encourages youngsters to explore their individual ideas, thereby contributing the same! But that entirely depends on the age! The game also allows players explore the public servers, wiki guides, forums, and more to see the customization of the game as done by other players.

Another thing that should not be missed out is the impact that the sound effects and music brings in. The sound effects are produced by Daniel Rosenfeld (German musician). Better known as C418, the game features ambient instrumental music which is can only be experienced once you start playing the game.

Thus, this just compiles the top reasons why playing the game can be as significant as reading story books regardless of your age! So, don’t think much, download the game today and start playing it. 


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