Map through the High Seas of the Internet: Amazing Torrents and Where to Find Them

Map through the High Seas of the Internet

Ahoy there, matey! Having fun surfing the net? Oh, you came here to watch that latest movie from Disne-yarr. You’d have to pay some hard-earned gold to see that. What? You want to watch it without having to pay? You have come to the right place. But, be warned. Using this knowledge will make you a pirate in every sense of the word.

If you’re still here, then welcome to the world of torrents and peer to peer sharing, also known as P2P. In this unlawful place, you can download everything from movies to tv shows, to even games and software for absolutely free. But, not all P2P sites are equal. Here is a map(guide) to those websites that offer you high-quality content for absolutely free.


RARBG is one of the first sites to host file sharing using torrents. Fun fact, the “BG” in its name stands for “Bulgaria” since it was initially made for Bulgarian Torrents. Since its founding in 2008, RARBG now has tons of users worldwide and has a lot of RARBG proxy sites due to its popularity with its audiences and even law enforcement.

The current website interface is plain and simple, with a blue theme and a black background, but it is still easy to navigate. The site still offers you its top-notch video quality content alongside new software, games, and music. You might need to enter a captcha upon first entering the site, but it won’t require it again for succeeding visits. 

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The Pirate Bay or TPB

THE Pirate Bay is one of the oldest peer to peer sharing hosts in the world wide web. Founded in 2003, the Pirate Bay is widely known for its logo of a pirate ship and its legal disputes with copyright laws against file sharing and intellectual properties. Initially established by an anti-copyright organization, it’s now a central figure in the anti-copyright movement.

Even though it has undergone several closures and domain confiscations, The Pirate Bay is still alive and well today. Operating through its many mirror and proxy sites, it continues to provide a space for people to share the latest free entertainment like movies, tv shows, games, and even XXX materials. 

YIFY Torrents or YTS

YIFY Torrents or YTS is among the newer torrent hosting sites this century. Created by a web developer from New Zealand in 2010, YTS is known for its extensive database of free movie torrents and unchanging high definition quality of video in a small file size. In its prime, ‘YIFY’ was even the most searched term in other P2P sites due to its renown as a trusted source.

In 2015, the official website for YIFY Torrents was shut down due to the Motion Picture Association of America’s legal actions. After the site discontinued operations, other YIFY clones began to appear using the site’s name and database with the addition of their own brand of torrents. 


Navigating the vast ocean of data, information, and websites known as the Internet can indeed be tiresome, especially if you’re new or ignorant. Having a guide to help you traverse the net is undoubtedly a welcome assistance. But, one must always be wary for there are treacherous sites that promise you free stuff only to give you subpar torrents or, worse, some jail time.

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There are many more sites and peer to peer sharing pages that could give you what you need for free. The websites in this article are just the more popular and frequently mentioned ones. Although it is all fun and easy to access these sites, remember that downloading anything from them is punishable by law. The data here is for informative purposes only.

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