Easy Way to Hang Pictures: Simple Tips and Techniques

easy way to hang pictures

Hanging pictures straight can be a struggle – are you tired of dealing with that, or with pictures constantly falling off the wall? Are you concerned about damaging your walls when considering putting holes or using adhesive strips? Do not be concerned if so! Numerous simple ways to hang pictures without any trouble or difficulty are available.

This article will cover several effective methods for hanging pictures. You can find an easy way to hang pictures. Besides, these strategies are not only basic but also economical.

Our range of picture hangers to command hooks and wire and hook varieties up to the velcro strips has got it all covered for you. If you follow these helpful hints, achieving a stylish wall adorned with striking art or personal photographs is a cinch. In addition, it can be completed without any annoyance or chaos.

Picture Hangers

Traditional picture hanging can be achieved with picture hangers which is a great choice. These barely big metal hooks can be hammered into the wall. Additionally, they furnish a durable footing for your snapshots. Different sizes and styles are offered for picture hangers. Your picture’s weight should be considered while choosing the right one.

Measuring and marking the desired location is important when using picture hangers. Using a level to hang your pictures straight is recommended. Using picture hangers is a trustworthy approach to hanging your pictures. They might leave holes in the walls if you change your mind about their position. Yet, spackling paste or putty can easily fill these holes.

easy way to hand pictures

Adhesive Strips

This is an easy way to hang pictures. Create a chic wall display easily with the help of adhesive strips! These handy accessories come in various sizes and weights, making hanging pieces of all dimensions simple. Furthermore, they are suitable for many surfaces, including walls with paint, tiles, metal, and glass. Best of all, you can take them off instantly – without leaving any traces or damage to the material below. Adhesive strips provide an effortless way to decorate your surfaces!

To start off, place the sticky patch onto the bottom of the picture frame with firm pressure for around half a minute. Then, secure it in place on the wall. Once this is done, peel away one side of the shield covering from the patch to prepare for mounting. It’s important to observe applicable weight limits suggested by the manufacturer for your protection; if required, disperse bulk across multiple patches instead of piling up on one spot.

Adhesive strips provide an ideal way to hang pictures without needing tools or any special skills while also saving you from the risk of damaging your walls or having to repaint. Moreover, they are incredibly easy to use and can handle a surprisingly high load. With so many different types of adhesive strips available on the market today, finding one that perfectly meets your needs and preferences is simple.

Adhesive Strips

Command Hooks

Command hooks are ideal for those requiring a temporary and risk-free display option. The large assortment of varying styles and sizes makes it possible to safely and comfortably hang pictures, regardless of size or weight.

If you intend to take advantage of command hooks, starting with a clean surface is essential, which can be accomplished by wiping the wall down with alcohol and leaving it to dry completely. Once this step is done, peel away the paper backing from your hook before firmly pressing it onto the wall for 30 seconds. With that all said and done, you can hang your picture on the hook after waiting an hour or so.

Hang pictures freely with Command hooks, which are simple to apply and not too hard on your walls. Easily switch out photos without leaving gaps or unpleasant blemishes behind simply by tugging at the tab that rests at the bottom of each hook.

Command Hooks

Wire and Hooks

This is also an easy way to hang pictures. To hang pictures, wire and hooks are frequently employed as a traditional approach. Hang your picture frame on a wall hook after attaching a piece of wire to its back. For larger, heavier frames requiring a secured attachment, wire and hooks are the ideal option.

When utilizing this approach, commence by measuring and marking the position where you wish for your image to be hung on the wall. Hammer your hook in at the designated spot, ensuring that it is level. Afterward, connect the wire to either end of the back of your photo frame using eyelets or screws. After attaching, use one hand to hold up your picture against the wall. Use your other hand to modify the wire’s length until you locate the ideal height for hanging.

Access to wire and hooks in hardware or home improvement stores provides a feasible option for those looking to hang their pictures easily.

Wire and Hooks

Velcro Strips

One can easily hang pictures without causing damage to walls with Velcro strips. The complete setup has two parts: for instance, the first one is a hook side that adheres to the wall, and secondly, there is a loop side that sticks to your picture frame. They can create a strong bond supporting heavy frames when brought together under pressure.

To utilize Velcro strips, initially clean the portion of the wall to which they will be affixed. Subsequently, pull off the adhesive backing from one side of the strip and securely place it onto the wall. Repeat by utilizing as many strips as necessary to accommodate your frame size.

Subsequently, detach the protective backing from the other side of each strip and meticulously position your picture frame before attaching it to the wall. Ensure a secure hold by applying even pressure across every strip.

Removing Velcro strips is hassle-free as they don’t leave any residue or marks on your walls. Besides, they are immensely advantageous to apply. You can reuse them. Additionally, it is possible for you to experiment with various arrangements or frequently relocate your pictures.

Velcro Strips

Tip: Lean Pictures Against the Wall

Consider displaying your pictures with minimal hassle by leaning them on the wall. This approach is quite helpful for those who often alter their home decor. In addition, it permits you to reposition your artwork as required conveniently. Additionally, this option is wall-friendly and does not require nails.

One idea is leaning a large picture against the wall on a console table or dresser. This occupies minimal space to create a stylish and contemporary appearance. Consider grouping many smaller frames together and then lean them against one another on either a shelf or windowsill. Choosing frames with a sufficient weight that won’t easily tip over is crucial.

Lean Pictures Against the Wall


To summarize, multiple effortless methods exist to hang pictures that save valuable time and prevent annoyance. Various options are available to hang pictures, including picture hangers, adhesive strips, command hooks, wire and hooks, Velcro strips, or simply leaning them against the wall.

Advantages and disadvantages are inherent to every option. For a successful hanging process, it’s important to carefully consider picture size and weight, wall surface, and desired placement. Using this makes hanging your pictures with ease and confidence possible. Make your home or office more personal by showcasing beautiful artwork and memories!


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