Jason Momoa Divorce After 16 Years Together


It shocked many when the news of Jason Momoa divorce was announced. After 16 years together, why did this couple call it quits? While neither star publicly revealed details about their decision, clues may have been dropped in a recent interview with Bonet just weeks before the announcement.

The former couple secretly married in 2017 after being together for over a decade. They are parents to daughter Lola and son Nakoa-Wolf. But now, after over a decade together, the pair have gone their separate ways while the Jason Momoa divorce was finalized.

In an Interview magazine feature published exactly one month before their breakup was made public, Bonet revealed that she was being called to pursue “new” things and learn to be “authentically” herself. Was this a sign that something profound would happen a month later in their relationship?

Even after all these years, the couple is still learning to grow and be true to themselves. Could this be a lesson for us all? If so, it’s a valuable one indeed.

Jason Momoa Divorce

Jason Momoa divorce

The world is changing faster than we can keep up. It’s hard to understand what this change means and where we fit into the equation. But according to Marisa Tomei, the answer comes from within: it’s about learning how to be authentically ourselves despite the uncertainty surrounding us.

It’s no secret that we live through tumultuous times, and Lisa Bonet echoed this sentiment when she spoke about feeling the “squeeze” of our current reality. To rise above our challenges, we must learn to accept our inner selves and recognize the aspects of empire and archetypes woven into our lives.

This revolution lies within every one of us. It’s time to let go of our fears, embraces the unknown, and discover what newness this world offers. The future starts now – are you brave enough to step into the unknown?

On January 12th, 2021, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, two illustrious souls, decided to take the next step in their journey together~ stepping away from their marriage. Despite this being a difficult decision for both of them, they remain connected to each other in profound ways, dedicated to the growth that each of them needs for them to reach their highest potential.

They understand that these are times of transformation and want to share with everyone their news with honesty and dignity. They believe in loving each other freely and unconditionally as they unfold and grow in different directions.

Their love and devotion towards each other will never change – especially regarding their beautiful children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf. May Love Prevail! J & L.

Jason Momoa Divorce

Why Jason Momoa divorce

It’s been a long journey for Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa. Still, after several years of an amazing relationship that saw them create a beautiful family together, the couple has sadly revealed their split. That’s famously called Jason Momoa divorce. According to a source close to the couple, the decision did not come quickly or easily; instead, there had been signs that their focus was shifting differently for some time.

With Momoa now considered one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, his filming commitments have taken him away from home too often for Bonet to keep up with, leading her to stay in Los Angeles while keeping her spiritual practices alive. These conflicting lifestyles are considered a major reason for ending their relationship.

Though it’s sad news to hear, even more so when considering their two kids, the source has revealed that the pair are mature enough to ensure the transition into a peaceful single life without any scandalous messages being passed between them. As such, those who know and love the couple can at least take solace in knowing that they still deeply care for each other despite the distance.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet—an unlikely duo if there ever was one. Jovial and loud, he loved the spotlight; serene and subdued, she just wanted to stay home and get lost in a good book or cook up something delicious. But what brought these two together is exactly what eventually drove them apart: their differences.

Jason Momoa Divorce


As Us Weekly reported on January 19, 2022, behind the scenes, the couple’s different personalities created tension that ultimately led to their split. He was keen to explore the world and follow his passion for adventure while she stayed close to the comforts of home—dedicating her time instead to wellness pursuits.

Jason was focused on his career and enjoying newfound success. In contrast, Lisa was into living a more relaxed life in LA—uninterested in traveling for long periods with him. As an insider stated, “they wanted different things.” It’s not always easy to find someone who understands you completely—and this couple couldn’t make it work in the end.

Despite their broken bond, a close source told People on January 19, 2022 that Momoa and Bonet still have much love for each other. “They had an incredible connection and respected one another immensely,” the insider pointed out, “but as people do, they change and grow apart; before the pandemic, this shift was already underway.” During these trying times, the couple has realized that it might be time for them to move on and discover new paths with different companions.

The inside source also divulged that Bonet has leaned on her daughter Zoë Kravitz during this bittersweet transition. “Zoë is super close to Lisa and will provide great support as she moves forward”, they said. They also noted, “She’s fond of Jason as well so it’s heartbreaking to see this chapter end.” It may seem hard now, but things can work out.


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