How To Choose Printable Activities For Toddlers? Here Are Best Examples

printable activities for toddlers
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Do you have a toddler in your home? You might have been looking for printable activities for toddlers. It can keep your toddlers busy with the fun and learn activities. For any toddler, a printable activity has to be educating and engaging. There is no meaning of printable activities if they are not knowledge-giving. Therefore, in this tutorial, I will guide you through how to choose the best printable activities to keep your toddlers busy. To make the task easier, I have come up with some of the best examples you can use as references to have similar printable activities for your kids.

Consider The Following Things Before Using Printable Activities:

There are hundreds of types of printable activities that are available. And you can decide how to start with them. Every printable you choose must be educational printables that can cover various skills and levels of development of abilities of toddlers. You can find some math printables, literacy printables, kindergarten and early elementary printables, and science printables. Keep in mind the following points.

  • Your toddlers are in the stage where they acquire knowledge from something you provide. Thus, the activities you handover to them have to be educating and knowledge-giving.
  • At least you must ensure by following each activity, and your toddlers grow positively. 
  • You must ensure that printable activities are not irritating or too lengthy than toddlers skip to complete. They need engagement with the content.
  • At some point, you can be a good teacher for your toddlers to make them understand the activities and how to perform them.

Why Do You Need Printable Activities?

You don’t have to keep worksheets for your toddlers to help them sharpen their skills. But in many cases, toddlers may want and enjoy doing schooling like their elder siblings have been doing. At that time, you can introduce activities that are fun and learn for them. At this moment, you can find some of the best sources of free printable activities.

What Matters While Choosing Printable Activities?

Toddlers mean that kids in the age group of 1 to 3. If you want to find the best educational printables for your toddlers, some key deciding points matter a lot. Most of said, every parent seeks fun and engaging printable activities that they can use at their home. A similar challenge is for teachers, and they want engaging and fun printables for their classrooms. Here is what matters.

Parents Homeschooling Toddlers:

Most parents prefer homeschooling their toddlers. Thus, they need to seek free yet quality educational printables. At that time, parents have to become their child’s teacher and know about the great and significant collection of printable activities for toddlers. If you are one of them, you want to enter your toddlers with the best printable activities. That is the best way to go with a fun and learn strategy. Parents should encourage play-based learning activities. These activities have some fun and excitement and can increase the curiosity of their toddlers. Here is the example, science experiments, and counting activities. 

You may avoid some traditional worksheets where they learn by filling in the pieces of paper. Therefore, adding some play-based printable activities for toddlers can be good quality homeschooling. In short, parents have to ensure their toddlers learn in quite an effective way.

Teachers Requiring Printable Activities For Classroom:

Whatever we have discussed above can be directly related to teachers. They also want to provide quality education to kids in kindergarten. Teachers can use Educational Printable Activities in their play. Teachers can quickly get their hands on free printables that are designed to educate and entertain toddlers. Yes, of course. The printable activities for toddlers are free to download from anywhere on the internet.

Here Are Examples Of Free Printable Activities To Download:

You are required to understand how to find a quality collection of free printable toddler worksheets that offer your toddlers some opportunities to work on letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. It is the easiest way to start acquiring knowledge for toddlers. The following examples are free printable activities for toddlers that you can consider downloading.

  • Printable Counting Strips:

Do you want to see your toddlers can quickly do some basic maths? Of course, everyone wants it. You can introduce some printable counting strips that help you do preschool for toddlers because they learn counting from these strips.

  • Matching Flower Shapes:

You can download some free flower shape matching printable activities for toddlers. From these activities, they learn about Shapes, and toddlers must know them. Therefore, you can consider other activities, similar to this one that has shape identification activities.

  • Bird Shapes:

You can download some printable activities on owl shadow matches or bird shadow matches. This activity improves the ability to identify the shapes, and toddlers can gather information about various Birds and Shapes.

  • Printable Playdough Mats:

Printable Playdough Mats can help your toddlers to understand shapes in a more practical and even better way. It becomes a fun and learning activity.

  • Printable Fingerprint Counting:

These activities are the best practices for toddlers because they learn how to count with fingerprint counting activity mats. It improves the basic maths of kids.

  • Printable Coloring Activities:

Coloring activities are full of fun and excitement. Your toddlers can go on an adventure when they start coloring the activities. It improves their creativity and imagination.

  • Printable Lowercase Letters:

You can download and print them. After that, you can cut the letters, and your toddlers can color the letters. This activity can help them recognize different letters. You can also do it with numbers.

  • Match Robots Shapes:

You can see your toddlers becoming geniuses while matching the shapes of various robots. This activity gives them a reference image, and they try to mimic the Images by matching the Shapes.

  • Printable Dot Numbers:

These activities can teach them basic numbers from 1-10. They will connect the dots with Playdough balls, markers, crayons, counters, or circle stickers.  

  • Printable Activities For Good Manners:

You can teach your toddlers some good manners, and they have some good habits like hand washing and cleaning. Activities like hand washing coloring pages can make them wise.

Other Examples Of Printable Activities For Toddlers:

  • You can find some combinations of activities that teach your toddlers about shape recognition and color recognition together at the same time. 
  • Some shape tracing activities help toddlers to perform shape identification tasks.
  • You can provide cowboy counting mats to your toddlers that make your home homeschool.
  • There are some Apple Playdough Mats that are the best ways to start recognizing and counting the numbers.
  • You can teach your toddlers about emotions with some cute brood of chicks emotions matching the game.
  • You can also teach your toddlers about uppercase letters that they can trace by connecting the dots. It can convert your home to homeschool.
  • There are some animal shape recognition activities. They improve the knowledge of your toddlers about animals and their shapes.

Still Have Confused About Printable Activities?

If you are still confused about what else you can give your toddlers? Don’t worry because we have covered more than you have read. You can find some best gifts for toddlers that provide them fun and excitement.

You can start with some toddlers m gift boxes. These are some of the best gifts for toddlers. If you want to know about the best printable activities for toddlers, you can consider the gift boxes too. The gift boxes have more fun like Hammer Game, a screw board with a standard screwdriver, and a Geoboard. All of these games are best for teaching kids fine motor skills. And also for how to focus their attention and precise hand movements.

You can see the fun Busy Board entertain the toddlers each time they get their hands on it. These are some of the best educational toys that you can give your kids and see them enjoying with it.

Don’t Forget Doing This:

After downloading and giving your toddlers the best printable activities of some of the most popular activities, you can shoot some pictures to upload them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Why is this? It helps to see people you have kept your toddlers engaged with these activities. It means they can also try similar tasks and get their toddlers busy in fun and learning activities because your social media posts can encourage other parents to do the same.

Wrapping Up:

Did this article end your search for the best printable activities for toddlers? If you have gotten the ideas about how one can choose the best printable activities for kids, you can share your experiences and how your toddlers have enjoyed and learned from the activities you provided to them. Also, don’t forget to click and share pictures of busy toddlers to encourage other parents and teachers about doing the same and educating toddlers with fun and learning activities. You can also share your opinions on social media about how printable activities work for toddlers.


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