The Latest Developments About Marketing Automation

marketing automation

If you are running your own business, then marketing automation can be an effective tool, both in saving your time and money. It frees you from the clutches of executing the various meager and monotonous tasks manually.

It not only saves your time and labor but also helps you to concentrate on your skills and competencies, hence, resulting in the framing of better marketing strategies for your business. As your business expands, managing all the tasks manually becomes way more difficult than before. On the other hand, marketing automation performs the same activities with a greater amount of efficiency as the workload intensifies. With that being said, let’s have a look at a few of the latest trends in the sector of marketing automation in 2020. 

The trend of split testing in marketing automation has remained in effect for quite a long while. Besides, most of the marketers still have to become aware of their aspects. One of the greatest mistakes that they commit is that they run a test either for a shorter or longer duration than what is expected which may at times disrupt the entire session of split testing severely.

Some of the other errors that they tend to commit is changing or altering the variables frequently while the test remains ongoing. As a result of these hassles that people are facing with split, A/B testing has finally gained its significance. This particular component enhances the quality of your testing reasonably, hence make the data type more accurate. 

  • Increase in customer susceptibility

Your customers will still be quite susceptible to automated services, no matter how much the sector of marketing automation has developed. Whenever a customer looks for a service or product from your company, they will always want a human-to-human mode of conversation rather than the AI integrated chatbots in your company.

The reason is, these chatbots can only provide you scripted replies which most of the customers don’t find feasible. On the contrary, it’s not always possible to add a human touch to all kinds of automated processes in order to meet the needs of the customers. Besides, if you are conforming to communicating with your customers via emails, then it can have a severe impact on your business and can put down your customer base reasonably. 

  • A great deal of hyper-personalization 

If you are planning to integrate a comprehensive marketing strategy for your business, then you are certainly walking on the wrong path. The sector of marketing automation, on the other hand, can act as a beneficial personalized tool to obtain a diverse range of customers for your business. It has been inferred that at least 98% of marketers rely upon the strategy of personalization to enhance their customer base. Especially, the sector of customized product recommendations and personalized content can help you greatly in garnering a massive customer base for your business.

Besides, it becomes difficult to communicate with each of the customers separately and thereby framing an apt service according to his/her varying needs and requirements. Here where the concept of hyper-personalization comes into play. The latest version of AI platform can be used as a lucrative medium to reap off the maximum benefits from the end of the marketing automation feature.

The sector of hyper-personalization deals almost with every aspect of the marketing automation strategy, from search results to banner ads to name just a few. Most of the businesses are thus finding the sector of hyper-personalization is a lucrative platform to increase the volume of their business and customer base as well. 

  • A hint of Predictive lead scoring

While you are operating your business, it’s not always possible to compel all the leads to buy the available products and services of your company. Hence, you need to procure a reasonable number of leads and opt for those which you find to be the most feasible. Earlier, a sales representative was responsible to procure the leads by talking to them over the phone verbally.

But, with the booming progress of technology, this manual mode of securing leads has become quite tedious and boring at the same time. Hence, the predictive lead scoring can act as an effective marketing automation tool to garner the maximum number of leads for your company.

It helps in recognizing the potential leads for your business based upon certain parameters. Each of these leads is allotted with a certain number of score depending on certain factors like their demographics, data nature as well as their online behavior. This helps you to predict the nature of each of your leads efficiently without conversing with any of them verbally. 

  • Stress upon the usage of multiple channels
    marketing automation

One of the biggest reasons to integrate the tool of marketing automation is that it provides a hassle-free and gratifying experience to your customers across multiple platforms. Some of these platforms include content marketing, social media, mobile phones, emails, search engines to name just a few.

The primary objective of doing this is to provide the apt information to the apt customer base at the apt time as well. Your prime focus must be on providing your user with a 24/7 user experience across a number of platforms at a go. The entire process of marketing automation frees you from the hassle of using different marketing tools for different channels.

For instance, if you want to buy a ritzy outfit and start Google searching it and finally come across the kind of dress you were looking for. On the other hand, you can also look at the various social media platforms regarding this. Subsequently, you will see an array of ritzy outfits that you were actually looking for. Simultaneously, you can also send your product request via emails while requesting for a few suitable product recommendations. In short, you can expect a positive response against each of your searches and choose the one which you find to be the best. 

The Bottom Line!

Hopefully, the aforesaid information has clarified all your doubts and queries about the latest developments that have taken place in the marketing automation sector. 

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