A Tablet Or A Computer: 2020 iPad Pro Review

iPad Pro


Apple has always been the best in class, whether it is about iMac, iPad, iPhone or iPod. Well, there is pretty much competition for the iPhones, but for the iPads and iMacs, there is not even a competition. Let’s go on with the iPads now. Apple first introduced the first iPad in 2010 and it has been changing ever since. From iPad to iPad Air to iPad Mini to iPad Pro, all of the models were a hit in the market. The initial iPads can be termed as ‘bigger iPhones’ as they supported all the features of the iPhone with a big screen of 9-12 inches. But with the updates, it became the perfect balance between iPhones and iMacs.

Everybody would agree that Apple always comes up with new and innovative ideas to make its devices better than the older ones. With every update since the first iPad, Apple has bought in features like retina display, faster processors, cameras, different sizes, smart keyboard, and Apple pencil. And with the latest 2020 iPad Pro, Apple has changed the tablet game forever.

The tagline Apple came up for the new iPad is, “Your next computer is not a computer.” This very much explains that Apple has launched this device as a substitute for traditional computers or laptops. And this is because the latest accessories supported by the 2020 iPad Pro. It comes with trackpad and Apple’s magnetic keyboard support. With these, it still supports the Apple pencil. Apple has also released a video captioned, “How to correctly use a computer.” It shows how you can break the traditional rules of using a computer with the new iPad Pro.

But is that it? The answer is no. There are many other features in the 2020 iPad Pro that makes it the best iPad till today. Let’s first see the specifications of the new iPad.


iPad Pro

The 2020 iPad Pro still has the 2388×1668 pixel display for the 11-inch variant and 2732×2048 display for the 12.9-inch variant like the last iPad. As the display was already the best, Apple didn’t require to change it. It also has the 7 MegaPixel front camera with a TrueDepth sensor array. And this one too does not support the headphone jack.

The few changes that Apple made in the 2020 iPad Pro are:

  • It has four speakers and five microphones along with internal sensors that detect the orientation of the device and reconfigure the use of the speakers accordingly.
  • Unlike the last iPad Pro, all the models have 6GB RAM in them and the storage configuration starts with the 128GB variant and rises up with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants.
  • Apple introduced the U1 Ultra-Wideband Chip in iPhone 11 and 11 Pro and now it has been included in the iPad too. The chip is just used for AirDrop right now, but it can also find a fit augmented reality later.
  • The wireless connectivity of this is better than the last ones as it supports the Wi-Fi 6 standard. It also supports Bluetooth 5.0, eSIM, gigabit LTE.
  • It uses the A12Z chip that has an 8-core GPU along with the 8-core CPU.
  • The overall design of the model is still the same as the 2018 model.

These were the basic configuration changes that Apple made in the 2020 iPad Pro. Let’s now jump into some of the major changes in the latest iPad.

Major Changes

Well, these small changes were not enough to make the 2020 iPad Pro the best. So, here are the major feature changes that Apple bought in it:


A few years back, if somebody would have been seen clicking pictures with their iPads people would have called them mad. Because iPhones or any other phones had better cameras. But with this new iPad Pro, Apple has bought a dual-lens camera with one lens of 12 Megapixel at f/1.8 and the second ultrawide lens of 10 Megapixel at f/2.4. Not only this, but Apple has also introduced the LIDAR scanner with the back camera of the iPad. The LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and is used for Augmented Reality experiences. This is a game-changer for the iPad.

Even though the LIDAR can be termed as ‘depth sensor,’ the rear camera of the iPad does not support the portrait mode. It would have been really good if this good camera specification supported portrait mode. Only the front camera of the 2020 iPad Pro supports the portrait mode.

Trackpad and Pointer Support

iPad Pro

Apple introduced the new trackpad and magic keyboard which makes the 2020 iPad Pro similar to a computer. But this feature is not exclusive for this model. These peripherals will also be supported by the previous models. For the trackpad, Apple did not choose the arrow cursor instead, it used a circle or a dot, you may say. It is similar to like your finger moving on the screen. Also, the iPad supports Apple Pencil which is the best part for virtual artists.

But these peripherals are to be bought separately as they do not come with the 2020 iPad Pro.


The 2020 Apple iPad Pro has the best performance as compared to the previous ones. It is the most suitable choice for power users. The cameras are significantly improved and with the LIDAR sensor, AR experiences can be seen in the future. That would really make the device stand above all the other devices. The iPad becomes much more user friendly with trackpad support and the base storage boost. With the AR and the Apple pencil, this device will expand its usage range for virtual artists.

Even though it consists of all these features, there is no App support for them. The missing headphone jack support is a big lack for a device of this power. It also does not support any audio output other than USB type C. Also, the device stands a bit expensive. As the peripherals are not included with it, so to make it a computer, you will have to invest some more.

To know more about other Apple products and their features, keep referring to our site and we will keep updating you.


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