Top Restaurants which Take Customer Feedback Via Online Surveys


Customer is the backbone of every business and this is where most of the companies go wrong. They have the best product to sell or the best cuisines to offer but they don’t know the response of the customer. Feedbacks have changed the marketing scene of the food brands and taken them to the next level of profits and brand presence. This article will list some of the top restaurants who are taking their customer feedback using online surveys. The best part about the online surveys is that the customer feels comfortable to take the survey whenever they want. Sharing an experience your customer had at your food outlet will help you evaluate what went wrong and what needs some correction. Without a furthermore wait, let’s move on the top five restaurants which take online customer feedbacks to grow their brand.


The famous burger brand McDonald’s are very keen to know how their customer responds to them. McDvoice is the official customer satisfaction survey portal for McDonald’s. You are asked some really simple question which tells the brand about your overall experience at McDonald’s. This helps the brand improve its shortcomings by improving on the feedback their customers gave. On completing the survey, you are given a validation code which can be used for a discount against your next meal order at McDonald’s.


Subway is the first name which comes to our mind when it comes to eating healthy and tasty sandwiches. Sandwiches at Subway are not only delicious but also are very high in vitamins and minerals. Subway is also among the top restaurants when it comes to knowing their customer feedback. Subway introduced a portal where you will be asked some simple questions. These questions will be related to your overall experience at Subway. As in McDonald’s survey, you will be given a voucher code to avail a free cookie or a fountain drink of your choice on your next Subway sandwich order.


KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is the larget fried chicken food chain with around 20,000 outlets across the globe. McDonald’s tops the list in the number of sales but KFC is the second biggest competitor in the food market. Like any other top food restaurant, KFC has indulged into customer survey via its online portal called mykfcexperience. You get a coupon at the end of the survey which can be redeemed for free KFC go Cups on your next order. Isn’t it amazing how KFC is giving us free famous Go cups for filling a simple survey? It is a two-way profit where the customer is happy and the company is also growing at the same time.


Pizzahut is the best go-to place for pizza lovers like me. I can’t even imagine going somewhere else when I want to have a pizza. Pizzahut not only specializes in exotic pizzas but also in garlic bread, drinks and desserts. Satisfying my taste buds at pizza hut is the best feeling in this world. TellPizzahut is the online feedback portal where you need to answer simple questions like “Was your pizza tasty” and you stand a chance to win 1000$ cash. The Pizzahut will declare winners of the survey and who knows if you are the next just for filling a survey.


Tacobell is the famous restaurant chain which specializes in Tex-Mex food with tacos as its main attraction. You can estimate the love people have for TacoBell by knowing that it serves more than 3 billion customers every year. TacoBell adopted TelltheBell survey to take authentic and relevant feedback from their customer to know their shortcomings and improvise on them. This displays how well TacoBell is caring for the experience their customers have at their outlets. 

Final Words 

It is evident from the above-mentioned restaurants that customer feedback is the need of the hour. You can never expect to be in the business in the long run if you are not taking adequate steps to take customer survey. Looking at the digitization and growth of the Internet, online surveys are becoming more important than some traditional pen-paper based ones. Start taking your customer seriously if you want to grow exponentially in the business.


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