YouTube’s Problem Right Now That You Might Not Be Knowing


.Have you been accessing your YouTube videos recently? Was your YouTube account blocked or deactivated without your notice? If yes, then you are not alone. Recently, a technical error caused a massive problem for the platform. Several of the users were unable to access their accounts, view their metrics, or upload any content. A recent video posted by YouTube founder addressed this issue stating the reasons behind YouTube’s problem and the measures the team is taking to resolve the issue;

The Rise of YouTube and Its Perks

There was a time when conventional career options were the norm of the day. And anyone deviating from it was frowned upon. Today, unconventional professions have become fairly common. In fact, there are thousands of content creators, bloggers, and vloggers who earn handsomely via digital content. If you have a unique idea and a confident personality, the internet is where you should try your luck.

Thanks to technology, we have platforms that give people the space to showcase their talent. YouTubers like PewDiePie, Superwoman, and so many others have built substantial careers on this platform. And, they are some of the most well-known faces among the millennial generation. However, here we will be talking about the downside of the platform, about YouTube’s problem, and the ways in which it can be rectified.

The Technicalities of YouTube

The idea of simply making a video and uploading it online sounds all fun and games. But actually executing it is a whole different task. YouTube works on views, the more views you have the more popular you are. Then there are things like subscribers, the like/dislike button, comments, and the sharing option. These give the viewers a chance to give their feedback on the content.

Anyone who uploads their content on YouTube has to first gain a limited number of subscribers and views on their videos to get ads and endorsements. YouTubers earn via these ads and through paid collaborations with brands. Therefore, the more expansive your viewer base, the more chances you have of monetizing your content. Recently, YouTube has also launched the new YouTube Prime option where the viewer has to pay for any content that he wishes to view. And like all good things even this framework has some issues creeping up that disrupted its operations considerably. Here is all you need to know about YouTube’s problem.

The Issue With YouTube

Now, all this information sounds good on paper, but the reality is a whole new picture. As a platform, YouTube is a massive framework where every day there are millions of people uploading videos. And, millions of people view these videos. In fact, YouTube is one of the biggest platforms and generates a major chunk of the online traffic. Such an extensive framework needs a solid filtering system to ensure that nothing offensive, vulgar, or illegal is present on the platform.

Plus, the influx of spam messages and content is also a nuisance. YouTube’s problem started when there was a sudden rise in spam content that in turn caused the mods and engineers in the core team to block a major section of the platform for security reasons.

Human Error or Malicious Intent?

Now, for most people, YouTube is a full-fledged thing and their main source of income. To have that snatched without warning can be an extremely traumatic and frustrating experience. However, in this video by the moderator of the platform, there have been some clarifications on YouTube’s problem.  It also includes an apology and reassurance that all the deactivated, blocked and banned accounts will be restored.

The platform has also admitted to having a technical glitch as revealed in a Reddit post where one of the developers has confessed that they messed up. The team is currently working incessantly on identifying and solving the issue. So, anyone who has their accounts blocked, don’t panic, your content will be restored. In case you find some of your videos missing or some other issue with your account, feel free to reach the moderators via email to inform them about the problem.

It is safe to say that this entire episode was but a human error, and not some evil plan by the company to torture its community, as per the rumors.

Shifting Attitudes

The World Wide Web has become an indispensable part of our life. Right from the moment, we wake up to the time we go to bed, we are hooked on to the internet watching memes, scrolling through social media or simply enjoying some content on YouTube. There are tons of streaming platforms, websites, and forums piling on the server every day, adding on to the web traffic and giving web browsers more content to choose from

Yes, content is what ultimately rules the industry, content, and information about customer metrics. With the right set of tools and technologies to figure out the market trends and ways to monetize them- anyone can become an online celebrity overnight. Platforms like YouTube are encouraging content creators from across the world to upload videos and build a substantial viewership online. The recent technical issues and YouTube’s problems are but human errors as stated by its core team, with a few proactive measures and diligent practices, the problems can be resolved and abated easily.

The Bottom Line

Every once a while there are bound to be some issues that can arise because of the technical discrepancies in the system or some error by the developer. The recent YouTube’s problem that has made the headlines across several platforms was a case of a simple mistake that cost the company pretty heavily. However, the video posted by the moderator was a heartfelt, genuine, and prudent reflection of the company’s flaws and an apology to those who suffered because of it.


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