5 Best Android Apps not found on Play Store

best apps

Android is an Operating system for a majority of Smartphones. Billions of users are using Smartphones that operate on Android OS. As per some survey, over 75% of smartphones that are actively being used are running Android OS. Now since billions of users are using Android Smartphones then definitely, they will have some individual requirements. As a Smartphone I personally have my own requirements whereas you must be having some expectations that you think your Smartphone must fulfill.

In order to make our smartphone compatible to satisfy our demands, millions of developers are working. In those Millions of users, some of them might be following the official Guidelines form Google whereas a few of them might exist that aren’t working as per the guidelines.

best apps

For those a few developers who aren’t working as per guidelines, Google has some restriction and one the restriction is they aren’t allowed to publish their Apps on the official Google Play Store.

Today we have selected some applications that aren’t available on the Play Store but are being used on a big scale. Almost everyone needs one of the below-mentioned applications in order to fulfill their requirements.

You can check the apps listed below and pick the most appropriate for your usage.

5 Best Android Apps not found on Play Store


GBWhatsApp is an alternative to official WhatsApp. In this application, you will all the features that are locked in the official Application. You can download anyone’s status, you can send images without any downgrade in the quality. Apart from there are dozens of other features that you will only get on the GBWhatsApp latest version and couldn’t find any of them on official WhatsApp.

Torrent Search

Everyone using the internet is familiar with the term Torrent and you might have used it sometime when you were looking for some software, movie or anything related to your System or Smartphone. A torrent is a place where you can find everything but all it needs a perfect method to search. I have selected this App called “Torrent Search” in which you can search for anything you want and you will get a torrent link of that particular search. If you are a guy who keeps on finding different software on the internet or you want free movies very often then you must use this application.


You might have heard of open source software, but it takes lots of effort to find those applications. F-Droid is a platform where you can get all the open source software categorized properly. You just have to look for your desired app and in just a few clicks you can download it.

Amazon under Ground

Like Google’s Play Store, Amazon also has its own App store that is named as Amazon under Ground in which you will all the applications that are popular. The most special feature of Amazon under Ground is that we get all the premium apps at a very low cost. Thus, I personally felt that Google Play Store could be replaced by Amazon under Ground.


MiXplorer is a File manager that will give you all the basic features in very compact app size. Though MiXplorer is very small in size though it has both tab support and dual pane support which make it more useful than any other file explorer. If you want to know why MiXplorer is so special then you have to first try ES File Explorer

And Solid Explorer. The moment you will switch to MiXplorer you will feel the difference.

Apart from this, MiXplorer supports Cloud connectivity in the app itself. Thus, no need to select a pick and drag it to another application


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