How to Secure Your Computer from Dangerous IPs?


You may not be aware of the fact that every time you visit the online world, your identity to the rest of the world is by a numeric address. This numeric address is usually known as the Internet Protocol or IP address. Notably, it is a unique combination of numbers which identifies devices and computers from the rest. The IP address is also responsible for making your computer communicate with other devices. Network intrusions are the new norms. Phishing attacks can steal the entire data of your computer. Thus, protection from dangerous IPs is quite necessary. So, let’s explore the ways through which you can protect your computer from malicious IPs. 

Blocking an IP address

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One of the most effective ways to protect your computer from dangerous IPs is to prevent them. This is where firewalls can come to the fore. Note that the process of setting up a firewall varies from brand to brand. However, their operational principles are always the same. You can opt for the host-based firewalls for effectively blocking a dangerous IP. Here is the list of ways through which you can prevent an IP address.

Use of windows firewall in blocking IP addresses

It is usually a straightforward process to block an IP address. You don’t have to be a software geek to block dangerous IPs. In case you want to prevent all communications between your computer and a particular IP address, follow these under-mentioned steps. 

  • Launch Windows Firewall with the advanced security mode
  • Set the value of inbound rules higher than the new rule
  • Subsequently, select custom and then click on next
  • In the protocol tab, click on any and then again click next
  • Select the IP address you want to block
  • Click on confirm to block the connection entirely
  • Ensure to tick the checkboxes of the domain, private and public
  • You can opt to create a name for the block list which you have just created
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How to determine if an IP address is malicious?

In order to effectively deal with cyber threats emanating from dangerous IPs, you should be adept at handling them. But people usually wonder how to identify dangerous IPs. Well, to be precise, there are several tools that you can use to determine the threat levels of IPs. But it is always advisable to invest in IT reputation tools which are developed by famous companies. An IP reputation tool can check if an IP address or domain is on the list of harmful or malicious sites.

Use of network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Large and small-scale organizations usually use network intrusion prevention systems. An IPS can be deployed either as hardware or software. You can also implement it in the cloud for the easy identification of dangerous IPs. Hardware-based solutions are easy to use and operate.

What is the use of Domain name in protecting your computer from dangerous IPs?

In the real world, we can open a business by buying a plot of land, building a workplace on top of it, and making it our work and getting it registered. But the virtual world does not work like this. Opening a business in a virtual space is even more comfortable than the real world. The first and foremost step is selecting a domain and server hosting. Getting our domain name is equivalent to that of registration of a company, and getting hosting is comparable to setting up an office on a piece of land. All of the above processes is hassle-free, and only in a matter of the minute, a website can be up and running.

Purpose of Domain name

The primary use of the Domain name is to identify the various sites present on the internet and to communicate and visit them. All the domain names can also be expressed in numbers. As such, no two domain name is same; this also makes the IP address of every website unique and stand on its own, which helps in narrowing down the search to what one is looking for. Domain name registrants are called domain name owners, but this title does not mean they have the exclusive right of that domain name. It says that the domain owner has current ownership for that domain for a limited time up until the renewal of it at the end of the agreed period.  

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Domain name registration to block dangerous IPs

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Though the process domain naming and certification is quite easy, specific rules and regulations still need to be followed. People who want to get a domain name first need to approach the domain registrar’s website and choose their domain name. The domain name needs to be unique, and they need to agree to all the terms and conditions put forth by the registrars. After paying an amount which covers all the expenses namely registration fees, service charge the applicants get their domain name for the agreed time, after which the applicant will need to renew their agreement again by paying an amount. The next important step is getting a web hosting so that we can connect our website and domain name to the World Wide Web. 

Sometimes we cannot run our mind through the available list of domain names and also cannot come up with any proper names to our business. The above section always comes up with some unique names relating to our business, and the process of choosing an appropriate name of domain becomes quite interesting instead of being head churning.

Once a business has completed all the above steps, and the company has acquired its IP address, the website is ready to be viewed by the world and visitor, and our work is available to thrive and bear fruit. The odds of a business running successfully also depend on the fact that its domain name should be visible and so choose a functional domain is of vital importance. Thus, we should pay deep attention to domain name choosing.

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