Turn iPad Into Laptop With The New iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Apple never fails to shock people with its new and innovative products. From iPhone to Macbook, it always brings up products that make the user’s life simple. And it stands top in its class with the user-friendly interface and high-end security. One such product is the iPad. Everyone has loved the iPad from ever and most people choose it over any other tablet in the market. A month back, Apple bought a new version of the iPad, the iPad Pro. There were some major changes in the camera of the device and the new one also supported trackpad and pointer. Apple told the audience that their “New laptop is not a laptop.” This was because they were going to launch the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard, which would turn the iPad into a Laptop. 

The iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard’s first glance was seen in the introduction video of the iPad Pro. And it was exactly what Apple fans were asking for, an easy way of turning their iPads into full-fledged laptops. As Apple introduced pointer support in iPad Pro, so it was easy for them to provide a trackpad in the keyboard.

Even though the keyboard can be quite useful for people, it also stands on an expensive side with the price starting from $299. So it will be, the price of a new iPad Pro plus the price of the iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard. But with the flexibility that it provides, it can be worth for people who are always on the go. 

The iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard was introduced to the audience with the launch of iPad Pro, but it made its entry a little late in the market. And it has managed to make a grand entry as many people already have their hands on this product. Here are all the details of the all-new iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard along with its shortcomings. So that people can decide if they want to go for it or not. 

Everything About The iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard:

iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

The magic keyboard has been a part of Apple for a while now. They use the scissor-switch mechanism in iMac and MacBook Pro magic keyboards. And the same mechanism is used in the iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard. The next thing in line is the dimensions of the keyboard. Though it has got quite travel-friendly dimensions, the thickness is not something that Apple gave much attention to. If Apple would have tried to keep the product a little thin, the overall feel of the product would have been improved.

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But the backlit keys suppress that drawback and makes the product look elegant. As they can adjust themselves according to the light conditions in the surrounding. The only problem arises when the user wants to turn them off. That is not something that can be done in a click or two, as the user needs to go to the settings and then scroll through options to get it done. 

This problem has arisen because of the missing function row on the keyboard. And due to that, the ESC key has also been dropped. So the users would require to remap some other key to be used as ESC. This makes the overall processing of the product a little nasty. A lot of controls would have been made convenient with a function row.

But as Apple decided to drop it, the users are not left with any other option. Though the trackpad makes it easy to move through the iPad, the users still need to visit the control center for all the managing all the controls. Which can be quite inconvenient at the times when they are trying to focus on something. 


iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

The next thing in the line is the all-new Trackpad. It is something that makes the iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard better than any other similar product. The trackpad is a little smaller than the MacBook trackpads, but it is accurate and smooth just like them. Also, it allows the user to click anywhere on the trackpad. Unlike the Microsoft keyboards that have the bottom and middle clicks. Along with all this, the trackpad easily syncs with the iPad Pro and does not produce any lags.  

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The next is the cursor of the trackpad, which can be considered quite user-friendly. It changes its shape and size according to the environment in which it is being used. Most of the time it remains just like a small dot. While in times of need, it converts back to the traditional cursor. 

Just like the MacBook trackpads, this one also provides the user with navigation features. Like the user can easily move to home by swiping up three fingers and many similar features. The only thing that holds the trackpad back is its support for 3rd party apps. The apps which do not use standard APIs of Apple kind of kill the feel of the trackpad. 


iPad Pro Magic Keyboard

Finally the best-in-class design of the iPad Pro-Magic Keyboard. What makes it stand out is the “Floating Screen.” That allows the iPad to be kept at a tilted position, just like the screen of a laptop. Also, the iPad does not get stick to the keyboard and can be removed easily with a single hand. The best part comes with the USB-C port that is provided on one side of the hinge. Which makes it convenient to charge while using it. But it does not provide with data transfer facility. 


Overall the new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is a very nice and convenient product. It is a blessing for the people who love using their iPads as it will give them the flexibility of converting it into a laptop. The only problem comes with the missing function row and its heavyweight. With the weight and thicker design, it can be a little difficult for the users to carry it everywhere with them. The MacBooks are generally lighter than this. But the point that can be easily removed from the iPad and then the iPad can be used alone, makes it worth a try. 


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